Sunday, February 19, 2012

Field Trip

Log: 2/17/12 Tualatin  National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Tree Frogs were chiming in with their spring voices.

Pacific Tree Frog

This recent painting, "Pacific Tree Frog", features this little amphibian.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birdlife in Florida

I was recently in southern Florida, and had my son,
Joel, drive me around to photograph the amazing
diversity of birdlife. This photo is of the Roseate
Spoonbill, perched in the mangroves. Inspiration for
a future painting!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Otter's Tale"

If you study the shorelines of the Columbia River, or its tributaries, you will occassionally spot a River Otter. Slinkier than their ocean-going cousins, they are very gregarious, chasing each other around--as if for fun. But, the play is also practice for hunting anything that moves in the water. Yes, I have even observed them trying to catch  their own tails!

I have donated the original watercolor to The Dalles Art Center for their annual Auction fund raiser, Saturday November 5th; at 6pm. Please attend this fantastic "Art Round Up"event. See you there! 


I explore the Oregon coast whenever I get a chance. One of the funniest little birds we've encountered is the Tuffed Puffin. They look like little short clowns (sightly overweight). They flap like crazy just to stay airborne. And, the launch has to be executed from some high place. This watercolor original took third place this year in Sunriver show of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. I'm very proud that becomes part of their annual traveling exhibit for 2012.

"Fisherman's Morning"

This original watercolor sold a couple of years ago in Sun River, Oregon. But, I thought my friends would enjoy seeing it. For most of you it will be for the first time, I'm guessing. As with many of my works, it is a close, intimate view of our rivers and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. Fisherman, look closely and you may spot a trout!

"Afternoon on Eagle Creek"

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy exploring the tributaries and trails of the Columbia River. Eagle Creek has cut such a deep canyon through the Gorge that sunlight rarely reaches it until noon. We have discovered all kinds of wildlife here as well, from American Dipper birds to Harlequin Ducks; and then there is the Coho Salmon run in the Fall. Look closely at this watercolor and you may discover a Steelhead trout!